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150 DB Train Horn With Compressor
150 DB Train Horn With Compressor
150 DB Train Horn With Compressor
150 DB Train Horn With Compressor

150 DB Train Horn With Compressor

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A Car horn is a way of communicating to other drivers and road users of your intentions. The louder your car horn, the better the other road users will be able to hear you. Whether it's just for safety purposes or you want to do your awesome car great justice by making sure it gets noticed, the 150 DB Train Horn With Compressor is for you.

With its powerful electrical compressor, you can use it at all times and you won't be needing any air tanks. You can easily install it to your existing horn system or separate switch and enjoy the benefits of 150 dB of loudness.


  • LOUD AND POWERFUL. Armed with 150 dB, you are sure to be heard even from afar! This horn definitely makes a powerful warning.

  • ENSURES SAFETY. Noisy and busy streets? This 150 dB horn is KING. Calling someone's attention to the hazard? Easy. Now you can send a loud and powerful signal warning pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

  • WORKS WITH MANY VEHICLES. The kit is universal making it suitable for any vehicle that uses 12V battery. This life-saving horn can be mounted on cars, motorcycles, SUVs, passenger cars and even boats!

  • VERY EASY TO INSTALL. The kit comes with a zero-headache installation. You can finish the whole setup in less than an hour, no need to call for an assistant to support during the setup. The kit is flexible and portable making it easy to transfer from one vehicle to another.

  • VERY AFFORDABLE. With all its benefits and feature, this one is a great buy for those who are looking for an affordable alternative of powerful car horn.


  • Trumpet Length: 450mm
  • Trumpets Bell Width: 95mm


1 x 150 DB Train Horn with Compressor